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Product Information HS & HP 30

HS 30 & HP 30 Product improvement In the course of continuous product improvement, we have optimized the pressure point, needle seal and needle guide of our HS 30 and HP 30 models. Our spare parts catalog and all available seal kits have also been adapted as part...

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New product line at Krautzberger!

Krautzberger starting the year 2022 with a new product. We are presenting our new generation of XLINE material pressure regulators. The new Krautzberger FPR 2 and FPR 6 material pressure regulators are designed to deliver precise and accurate regulation of the...

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Krautzberger XLINE – 3D product realisation

Krautzberger is offering its customers new insights into its XLINE product series in 2022. Our XLINE products can be viewed from all sides on our product detail pages. In this way, we wish to offer our customers and interested parties the opportunity to get a detailed...

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Hand-held spray gun HP 30/HP 30 HVLP

The hand-held spray gun HP 30 was designed for applications involving pressurised media. It can be used with almost all media thanks to a wide range of air nozzles. The sophisticated design ensures short set-up times, maximum efficiency, long service lives and...

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Mignon 4 – Hand-held spray gun

The Mignon 4 is a further development of the Mignon 3 and is equipped with the new innovative XLINE nozzle system. The ergonomic, compact shape and the associated low weight in addition to the wide selection of nozzles make the Mignon 4 a hand-held spray gun of...

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Krautzberger präsentiert zur Hannover Messe

Auf der Hannover Messe 2019 präsentiert die Krautzberger GmbH (Eltville am Rhein) den neuen Automatikspritzapparat M18. Zwei Jahre nach der Einführung der Apparate RA 6, A 20 und A 16, folgt nun der Spritzapparat M 18. Der M 18 hat die Lüftdüsen der XM- Serie, mit dem...

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