As part of a life cycle assessment, there is an increased demand for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products. Digitalisation and rising customer expectations in terms of sustainability call for a rethink of the production process. We have been focussing on the production processes of various industries and their requirements for many years now.

Not only do legal requirements have to be fulfilled, but requirements vis-à-vis condition and quality also differ in the respective industries. Practice-oriented trials and evaluations are intended to help you optimise your process and achieve the desired results at the cutting edge of technology in the field of surface technology. In our product portfolio, we offer products entirely without non-ferrous metals, food-grade seals and packages in addition to all material-conveying components in stainless steel.

The application of adhesives, oils, release agents, foodstuffs, glazes or functional lacquers is no stranger to us. We have been working closely with renowned customers across the globe for many years in order to optimise these processes. You can make use of our broad industry knowledge to find out more about your desired industry. These include industries such as the automotive, wood, furniture, glass, ceramics, leather, plastics and food industry.

Overview of industries

In order to satisfy the most stringent demands for quality and economic efficiency in surface technology, Krautzberger has developed a wide variety of products in recent decades to meet the requirements of the respective industries.

Optimum functionality, expertise and innovation with Krautzberger surface technology

Find out about our experience in the field of application and surface technology and satisfied customers in over 60 countries around the world. Our innovative quality Krautzberger products can also contribute to more precise results, greater reliability and sustainable effectiveness in your industry. Be inspired by our application examples from various industries or get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or our contact form to arrange a personal consultation.

A more relaxed work assignment with a better outcome

Are you seeking to improve your products and components using high-quality surface technology? In that case, look no further than Krautzberger. In close collaboration with our customers, we are continuously developing our products and our range. In addition to high-quality standards, we also offer you products that surpass technical progress time and again. We have made it standard practice not only to use the innovations in application and surface technology for our products, but also to play a key role in shaping the progress of this industry.

Always at the cutting edge

When it comes to automotive production, it is not only maximum quality that counts, but also constant transformability and innovation. With our quality Krautzberger products, you achieve exactly the process reliability, functionality and desired outcome that you envisage. In addition, we support you with made-to-measure solutions to ensure you are always at the cutting edge or, best of all, one step ahead of your competitors. Our recipe for success consists of many years of experience, optimum customer communication, product optimisation through continuous feedback from our customers, and innovative strategies. We are sure that you are making the right decision with us as your partner.

Effectiveness, process reliability and economic efficiency in mind

Be it the plastics, leather, food or glass industry – all these sectors are fascinating thanks to their rich abundance of shapes and applications. In addition to precise implementation of surface technology, resource conservation and sustainability also play a major role in these industries. This is why our customers greatly value the fact that the coating materials can be applied especially economically, effectively and efficiently with our quality Krautzberger products. In the food industry, we rely on particularly good partnership-based collaboration with continuous coordination and optimisation in order to meet specific hygiene regulations and all other requirements in the production process.

Something for every application and surface task

Since our 110th anniversary, we have been able to complete many great projects in the field of application and surface technology. In the process, we got to know customers from every sector of industry – customers who make the world a little better, more functional and sustainable with their products. We’re also looking forward to your project! Whether you are a small or medium-sized company, a national employer or a big player on the international stage – our quality Krautzberger products are made to optimise your processes in a sustainable manner. For an expert consultation regarding our Krautzberger products or an individual surface technology solution, you can reach us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form.


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