As a medium-sized family business based in Eltville am Rhein, we offer you the opportunity to develop your skills and creativity in a harmonious environment. With a customer base spanning over 60 countries in a wide range of industries, we are highly regarded by our clients both internationally and nationally. At Krautzberger, you have the chance to make a career – it is not without reason that Krautzberger has been around on the market for over 110 years. In addition to small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations also rely on our expertise. If you love commitment, responsibility and challenging tasks, please send us your application. If you are not able to find a position that matches your professional profile but still think you could add value to our team, we would be happy to read your speculative application.
We expect the same from our employees as what you would expect from us as an employer – namely the ability to learn and enthusiasm for existing and new projects. Regardless of whether you are just starting your career or a full professional – great minds are always welcome at our company. The Krautzberger team also offers apprenticeships, for example, in order to play a part in shaping the next generation of employees. Even a family business needs innovations to inspire and challenge our customers and employees. We greatly value the opinion of our employees within our company. Only this way can we guarantee personal success for our customers and for you. Krautzberger GmbH therefore creates a broad variety of topics and tasks to challenge you and advance us as a company. Interested? In that case, we look forward to receiving your application!

Vorteil 1

Tradition meets innovation

Welcome to the global Krautzberger family! As part of our team you will help shape the future of application technology.

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A hero among heroes

Your interests and qualifications are a great asset to us and our customers. Together we ensure maximum efficiency.

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We are interested in your ideas

An important part of our success is the constant exchange we have with company members and our customers. Your opinion matters!

Career at Krautzberger

Offene Stellenangebote

Seit unserem über 110-jährigen Bestehen begrüßen wir immer wieder neue Teammitglieder in unseren Reihen. Bei uns können junge Menschen Ihre Karriere starten und alte Hasen in der Krautzberger Familie ein neues Zuhause finden. Finden Sie Ihren neuen Job in unseren offenen Stellen oder schicken Sie uns gerne eine Initiativbewerbung.

Schritt 1

Schritt 1

Schicken Sie uns Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen für eine offene Stelle oder überraschen Sie uns mit einer Initiativbewerbung.
Schritt 2

Schritt 2

In einem persönlichen Gespräch lernen wir uns gegenseitig besser kennen. Warum wollen Sie Teil des Krautzberger Teams werden?
Schritt 3

Schritt 3

Sind die Formalien geklärt, beginnt Ihre Reise in die Krautzberger Welt. Freuen Sie sich auf spannende Aufgaben und tolle KollegInnen.


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