Albert Krautzberger from Friedland near Breslau filed a patent application for a “painting device operated by compressed air” on 9 October 1902. With that he laid the foundation of today’s Krautzberger GmbH. Albert Krautzberger’s invention made it possible to achieve a significant simplification in the day-to-day use of the devices through the inevitable connection of air and paint discharge. Even today, the vast majority of compressed air guns work with the system invented by Albert Krautzberger.

Series production began as far back as 1903. A few years later, the production site was moved to Holzhausen near Leipzig. This remained the production site until World War II. This was followed by expropriation and the family then moved to Eltville in the Rheingau. There, the company was rebuilt with just a few employees and quickly regained its footing in the market.

During the re-privatisation period following the reunification of Germany, Krautzberger GmbH purchased its old headquarters in Holzhausen and saved the site from being auctioned off. Krautzberger GmbH has been a family-owned business from the start and is currently managed by the 4th generation.

In 2011, Krautzberger received the Hermes Award, an international technology award. Today, Krautzberger GmbH is a medium-sized family business with 80 employees and customers all over the world and is one of the leading industrial companies specialising in surface technology.

100+ Jahre Erfahrung

100+ years of experience

As a result of our history, Krautzberger GmbH offers you first-class expertise in many sectors and for many fields of application

Flexibel und verlässlich

Flexible and reliable

As a family business that has been around for generations, we stand out through customer proximity, flexibility, transparency and rapid problem solving.

"Made in Germany"

"Made in Germany"

With Krautzberger, you benefit from over 100 years of experience in surface technology, a wide range of products and unique quality Krautzberger products.


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