We invite you to test your application with us under realistic conditions: First, you work out the requirements for your application together with our technicians. This is followed by a series of trials with our state-of-the-art products – from spray guns to automatic painting machines. After each test, the workpiece can be evaluated and the result further optimised thereafter if necessary.

You do not necessarily have to be on site for the tests in the Technical Centre. Send us your requests. We check, document and make the video available to you via the Internet.


Our company has been around for more than a hundred years and offers its customers a wealth of experience. In addition, you benefit from the broad expert knowledge of our team in the Technical Centre in many industries and applications. No matter how special your application for applying lacquers, paints or adhesives is, you will find exactly the expert you need in our Technical Centre – an expert who knows what they’re talking about.

The automatic application of zinc dust paint to brake discs, of bonded coating to continuous rubber profiles, or the greasing of sealing rings for engine production are just a few application examples.

The benefits of testing in the Technical Centre are as diverse as the requirements of our customers:


When it comes to painting in the automotive industry, a high degree of automation and minimal system downtime are crucial. If a customer has problems with excessively long downtimes, our team conducts tests with the aim of minimising such downtimes.

Be it in the automotive, ceramics or electronics industry – when it comes to coating surfaces, customers place the highest demands on quality. Application-related trials give you the chance to further optimise the quality of your products.

In the complex overall process of “painting” in production, application is just one step. And only when every step is optimised does the process chain run smoothly. The automatic application of paints and lacquers improves reproducibility and, consequently, helps to improve processes. This is why we test your application for automation possibilities.

Or you would like to modernise your production and make it more efficient? Our spray guns and systems in the Technical Centre are state of the art. They are ready for tests with your special application.

The process: Sprayability, feasibility, automation

We carry out our series of trials in three steps. From the sprayability of the medium to the feasibility of the application to the objective: automated application.


1. Sprayability

We test the extent to which a special adhesive or media that are difficult to atomise can be sprayed. On the basis of a spray pattern, we evaluate the result and make proposals for improvement as necessary.
Machbarkeit der Anwendung

2. Feasibility of the application

During the trials, we test whether it is possible to apply a medium – such as bonded coating, adhesive or paint – to your workpiece and how to achieve the best result.
Möglichkeit der Automatisierung

3. Possibility for automation

Our objective is to help you make your processes as efficient as possible. This is why we simulate and test various automation solutions such as turntable machines, automatic surface spraying machines, painting robots or chain conveyors.

Equipment at our Technical Centre

We keep a wide range of Krautzberger products and painting systems in our own Technical Centre.

We have the following Krautzberger products available for you in our Technical Centre:

  • Spray booths and spray walls
  • All manual and automatic spray guns from our product range
  • Overhead conveyor and revolving floor station
  • Robots
  • Compact surface automatic spray gun
  • Rotary transfer machine
  • Industrial ovens for small parts
  • Material conveyor systems


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