HP 30 2K

The Krautzberger two-component hand-held spray gun HP 30 2K was specially developed for processing 2K materials.

The sophisticated design ensures short set-up times, maximum efficiency, long service lives and reflects the considerable value of the product. The main components are fed via a material hose through the lower connection of the spray gun. The second component (activator) is sprayed via an additional atomisation system mounted on the side of the hand-held spray gun.
The targeted mixing of the two components does not takes place until in the spray jet. This fully prevents a premature material reaction. Continuous mixing of the components or specified time intervals for cleaning are not required. The spray guns are cleaned after work has been completed, as is the case for our conventional Krautzberger automatic spray guns. Our system allows you to maintain the full function of our Krautzberger XLINE air nozzles and thereby adjust the flat jet and round jet.
All material-carrying parts can be produced from high quality stainless steel. The spray gun can be connected to all low-pressure material supply systems.

The XLINE air nozzle system offers the following advantages:

  • Optimisation of the air nozzle via numerical flow simulation
  • Material changed to anodised aluminium; available in stainless steel on request
  • Automated 100% check of the air nozzles integrated in the production process
  • Functional improvement of the air nozzles
  • Improved handling of the air nozzles
  • Very fine atomisation
  • Broad, homogeneous spray pattern
  • Easily adjusted spray pattern
  • High level of application efficiency
  • Many nozzle combinations possible

Special features:

  • New, anodised, easy-care surface
  • Simple handling
  • User-friendly and dirt-resistant air nozzle locking thread
  • Extensive range of air and material nozzles
  • HP 30 2k
  • HP 30 2k seitlich

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