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Are you seeking to improve your applications technically, modify the properties of your surfaces functionally or decoratively and optimise your processes? We support you with unrivalled quality Krautzberger products, first-class complete systems, and the development of individual solutions for your company.

Pump stations for different containers and sizes

Optimise your production processes by making it easier for your employees to change material containers. In addition, our lifting stations ensure that you work in a way that is easy on the back and minimises damage. Our Krautzberger pump lifting equipment is available in different sizes and is a perfect fit for your containers. With the aid of compressed air, the lifting station enables the lid to be raised and lowered automatically, making it easy to change the material container. Our Krautzberger pump lifting stations are particularly popular for conveying material for spraying systems.

Ease of work for sustainable efficiency

Our pump lifting station is particularly useful for large containers or containers that have to be changed frequently. Many lids also have a large weight due to their accessories. In the area of material handling, for example, a pump, an agitator, a material pressure regulator, a level indicator and sometimes also a return pipe are usually mounted on the lid. However, such requirements are no problem for the intelligent design of the pump lifting device:

  • the base plate of the device is firmly anchored in the floor
  • the base is directed backwards to ensure barrier-free replacement of the container
  • the lid is fixed in a slide that can easily carry the lid’s own weight plus configuration-dependent superstructures
  • the carriage is attached to a rigid vertical non-movable stand
  • the pump lifting station is simply operated pneumatically

Krautzberger pump lifting equipment also allows you to conserve resources, ensure an effortless workflow and keep your employees healthy. We would be pleased to show you further advantages of our pump lifting devices in a personal discussion and to tell you about positive practical examples of our customers.

Pump lifting devices that fit your containers exactly

Looking for a perfect-fit pump lifting solution for your containers? Our Krautzberger pump lifting devices are available in different lifting heights, with different lid diameters and for almost all common container sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you find the right lifting device for your applications. You can reach our pump lifting specialists by phone, email or via our contact form.


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