RA 5 Duo

The robot spray gun RA 5 Duo was designed for compressed air-supported high-pressure spraying using the "Duo" technique, providing the classic advantages of high coating power and superb surface quality. Its functionality, ease of maintenance, low weight, operating ease and high coating quality make the RA 5 Duo a first-class automatic spray gun.

Field of application
The automatic spray gun RA 5 Duo has been designed specifically for partly or fully automated coating processes. The field of application ranges from coating and marking surfaces to applying bonding and identification points. Typical coating materials include lacquers, paints, adhesives, glaze coatings, enamel, parting agents, etc.
The RA 5 Duo can be operated on a spraying robot, on a linear unit or firmly attached in production lines or conveyor belts.

Adapter system, including air and material connection: Spray gun change requires no readjustment for reproducible coating quality

  • Easy maintenance: Needle and needle seal easy to change, Locking device detaches quickly, No setting dimensions to be observed
  • Large material cross-sections, high-viscosity media or paints can be processed more effectively
  • High flexibility of the spray jet geometry

Mode of operation
The spray gun is activated by means of compressed air. The coating material is atomised by means of compressed air via an airless nozzle, as it is the case in the airless process. The spray jet is shaped in addition with compressed air by means of a special air nozzle. Moreover, with a special nozzle the spray jet can be adjusted from flat jet to round jet during the spraying process.

The automatic spray gun is available in stainless steel or PTFE-coated aluminium, as desired. The connections at the adapter can be selected to be at the bottom or behind. Moreover, the spray gun can be equipped with a circulation connection and a double control. As a standard feature, needles are made from stainless steel. A large selection of different types of jets and sizes and extensions are available. Nozzles in special size and other special technical solutions on request.

RA 5 Duo

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