Mikro XSmv

The Mikro XSmv is a variant of the Mikro XS with directly mounted solenoid valve. The new “Mikro spraying” generation – the Mikro XSmv automatic spray gun. Thanks to its innovative preliminary air control, a significantly reduced needle diameter, the Mikro XSmv achieves optimum switching performance and an almost perfect spray pattern. Due to a quick-change head section and seal pack, the Mikro XSmv makes rapid maintenance possible and offers a high degree of user-friendliness. Our production and testing procedures enable us to integrate a complete check of our XLINE air nozzles into our process. The Mikro XSmv therefore offers high precision and reproducibility in fully automated spraying processes. The solenoid valve is always positioned on the left. The solenoid valve is not designed for ATEX zones.

Bullet points:

  • New type of preliminary and post-air control decoupled from the needle control enables optimum switching performance and a perfect spray pattern
  • Reduced needle diameter: 2 mm diameter
  • 60% less mass results in enhanced switching dynamics
  • Switching frequency: max. 30 Hz
  • Equipped with an XLINE nozzle system, each nozzle is fully tested in the production process to ensure its function and spray pattern
  • 60% higher air output possible, such that even highly viscous media can be atomised
  • Fastening by means of dovetail guide, precise and reproducible positioning
  • Head section and seal pack can be detached with one screw in each case, rapid maintenance possible, main element remains in the system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long service lives
  • Very compact construction
  • Low weight
  • Circulation design available


Technical data:

Height: 55 mm
Length: 121 mm
Width without retaining pin: 38 mm
Width with retaining pin: 99 mm

without retaining pin: 232 g
with retaining pin: 307 g

Material connection: 1/8” female + 1/8” male
Control air connection: M5 female<
Atomiser air: M5 female

Operating pressures
Control air pressure, min./max.: 5 bar / 72.5 psi / 8 bar / 116 psi
Solenoid valve: 0.9 – 8 bar / 13.05 – 116 psi
Air connection, max.: 6 bar / 87 psi
Material connection, max.: 12 bar / 174 psi

Minimum switching times of the micro XSmv:
Minimum on time: 8ms
Minimum switch-off time: 12ms

Electrical specifications for the solenoid valve
Operating voltage: 24V/DC
Protection class: IP55
Switching frequency: max. 30 Hz
Electrical connection: two-core
Valve function: 3/2 directional valve, closed, monostable

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