MC 2

The MC-2 is a further development of the MC-1 and is suitable for use in continuous spraying processes on continuous line systems. The material quantity is not dosed by a needle in the material nozzle, but only via the material supply which is why there are no bottlenecks in the vicinity of the material flow. The prevents the material passage from getting blocked even if materials have large particles.

The material is fed to the spray gun via a pump or pressure container where it is dosed out. The material flow inside the spray gun is free of undercuts. This prevents material build-up and ensures very good rinsing capability. As a result, rough media with large particles can also be sprayed without any blockages arising, for example. A stainless steel cannula guides the material to the outlet on the material nozzle. The atomisation occurs via the Krautzberger XLINE air nozzles. A suspension of the material flow occurs via the supply device.

The MC-2 as well as other needleless spray guns are used to coat rubber profiles on extrusion systems (in-line process). When using this profile in the automotive sector, paints with large particles are frequently used.

Special features:

  • No needle, therefore no blockages even with large particles and/or low flow quantities
  • Very good atomisation and adjustability of the spray pattern analogous to M18
  • Cannula screwed into the material nozzle; very good rinsing capability
  • Fewer wear parts as no seal pack is necessary
  • Intermediate piece of the device no longer required; therefore very compact
  • Main element in special hard coat (comp-coat); protects the device and makes cleaning easierLong service lives

The XLINE air nozzle system offers the following advantages:

  • Optimisation of the air nozzle via numerical flow simulation
  • Material changed to anodised aluminium; available in stainless steel on request
  • Automated 100% check of the air nozzles integrated in the production process
  • Functional improvement of the air nozzles
  • Improved handling of the air nozzles
  • Very fine atomisation
  • Broad, homogeneous spray pattern
  • Easily adjusted spray pattern
  • High level of application efficiency
  • MC2
  • MC 2 seitlich

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