KS 5D (Airless)

The airless spray gun KS 5D is fitted with material passages with enlarged cross-section and isused to coat surfaces with highly viscous materials (viscose material processing). The coatingmaterial is fed to the spray gun in liquid form under high material pressure. Typical coating materials include paints, dyes, water-soluble paints, adhesives, oils, and anti-adhesives.

The hand-held spray gun operates based on the airless principle, which means the spray jet is exclusively generated by the material pressure, which presses the material through a nozzle. After exiting the nozzle, the spray jet takes the shape specified by the nozzle. It is directed towards the work piece. The effective spray jet is not quite as wide as theoretically possible.

The coating material that is to be processed is applied to the surface by a person who is manually guiding the hand-held spray gun over the surface that needs to be coated and who is starting the spraying process at the respectively intended location by operating the trigger. The coating material is fed to the hand-held spray gun in liquid form under high material pressure.

Pulling the pull lever towards the handle of the main element moves the valve needle back against the resetting force of the valve spring. The valve needle slides out of the valve seat of the valve seat screw and thereby releases the material flow to the fluid nozzle. It sprays the material as an elliptical cone jet. The volume of the exiting material depends exclusively on the nozzle size and the material pressure!

The volume and shape of the jet can only be modified by changing the nozzle. The diameter of the nozzle bore determines the material flow volume, while the size and geometry of the always elliptically shaped nozzle opening determine the height and width of the jet.

A large number of airless nozzles are available. They can only be purchased from Krautzberger GmbH. The nozzle can be seamlessly turned in the axis of the spray jet by 360° and locked into place in any position. This allows an optimal adjustment of the angle with which the jet hits the work piece to the respective conditions.

The KS model is particularly suitable for use where comparatively large volumes of material need to be processed per unit of time.

  • KS 5D (Airless)
  • KS 5D langer Hebel
  • KS 5D Krautzberger

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