The A 16 HVLP automatic spray gun consists of two parts: The control body and the material-carrying head section. This proven technology ensures short maintenance and cleaning times. The modified head section of the A 16 is available in two qualities. In aluminum (with the high-quality Comp Coat coating) and in stainless steel. By loosening only one screw, the head section can be separated from the control body while the latter can remain mounted in the preset position.

Mode of operation

The control is triggered by a 3/2-way valve. When steering up, the control piston, which is pressurized with compressed air, first opens the spraying air valve and, with a short delay, the material nozzle of the apparatus. During closing, first the material nozzle and then the spray air valve are closed. This control process ensures faster working and prevents the material nozzle from dripping.

The practical design of the A 16 makes it easy to repair. Maintenance and cleaning work can be carried out easily. The compact design and low weight enable the A 16 to be used even in unfavorable installation conditions, e.g. in spraying machines. The wide range of air nozzles allows the spray pattern to be optimally matched to the required surface quality and the type of coating material. The A 16 is the result of many years of experience and continuous further development by Krautzberger GmbH. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology and automated quality controls guarantee the highest quality for the most demanding requirements.

The advantages of the modified head body are

  • New nozzle thread to accommodate XLINE air nozzles
  • Uniform homogeneous spray pattern
  • High transfer rate
  • Air nozzle positioning
  • Simple material connection at the bottom or circulation - left and right connection possible
  • Aluminum head section with high-quality Comp Coat coating
  • Optional head part available in stainless steel
  • Material nozzle and needle in stainless steel (other qualities on request)
  • Nozzle sizes up to 2.5 mm
  • Separate air flow (round and flat jet) possible
  • Our HVLP process offers you the following advantages:
    • HVLP System (High Volume Low Pressure) - a lot of air volume at lower atomization pressure.
    • Suitable for small and large parts
    • Low spraying mist system
    • Suitable for functional coating - material saving


HVLP System (High Volume Low Pressure) gave a lot of air volume with lower atomization pressure. It is suitable for small and large parts. It is a Low-spray system and also suitable for functional coating. You can reach a lot of material savings with the HVLP system depends on application and material.

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