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Krautzberger and Walther Trowal – a trusting and good cooperation.

Our material pressure tanks and automatic spray guns are perfectly suited for demanding coating in a state-of-the-art, reliable and efficient system from Walther Trowal. In this case, our 10L material pressure vessel as well as our RMA 1 automatic sprayer. Whether your material is water-based or solvent-based, we offer the appropriate solution.

Information about the Rotamat from Walther Trowal:


Coating with the Rotamat is the economical solution for surface finishing of mass-produced small parts made of elastomers, metal or wood – for example, O-rings, handles, springs or screws. Even geometrically complicated or particularly sensitive parts leave the machine perfectly coated and dry. The coating process is fully automatic, so that the time-consuming insertion or suspension of the parts on racks – which is necessary with conventional coating machines – is no longer required. The Rotamat is suitable for a wide variety of coating agents.

Typical applications are:

Decorative coating:

Finishes surfaces with a variety of effect and functional lacquers, environmentally friendly lacquers without solvents, and one- or two-component special lacquers.

Bonded coating:

Reduces friction coefficients and avoids chatter and stick-slip effects on small parts such as O-rings, sealing components or valve stems. It also simplifies the intensive separation of parts.

Adhesive coating:

Creates a strong bond between the substrate and the elastomer in both single-layer and two-layer systems consisting of primer and cover. Anti-corrosion coating: Provides workpieces with a durable protective coating without environmentally harmful chemicals. For example, drives of small and very small screws remain open and common compared to the “dip-spin coating process”.

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