XLINE Luftdüse

Our new generation of air nozzles, XLINE, has been very well received at trade fairs this year. The high-class visual and modern presentation – even by Krautzberger standards – were the primary contributors to the impressive showing. As the air nozzles and the new spray gun RA 6 were available shortly after the trade fairs, a number of successful sales have been achieved to date.

A 20 or RA 6 with XLINE air nozzles are used (or tested) in the following applications to name but a few:

  • Glazing of sanitary ceramics with robots
  • Glazing of porcelain on continuous line systems
  • Drum coating of small parts
  • Demanding bonded coating of machine part with robots
  • Pickling application on high-quality, real wood kitchen fronts on continuous line systems

The response from customers has been consistently positive and the XLINE air nozzles have also been impressive in numerous trials at the technical centre. Our customers have noticed the following product benefits in particular:

  • Very low inherent contamination of the air nozzle
  • Significantly easier handling thanks to the new trapezoidal thread
  • Thread is less sensitive to contamination
  • Spray pattern that can be reproduced well from old to new air nozzle generations
  • More efficient and better atomisation can often be detected
  • Highly resistant and easy cleaning of the anodised aluminium surface

The 100% check in the production process makes it possible for us to enter hitherto closed markets in the field of automotive production and supply. The development of the XLINE air nozzles and the innovative production process required considerable effort on the part of Krautzberger. That’s why today we are even more delighted about the quick and extensive market acceptance. However, our developments in this field are far from over. In the coming year, you can also expect to see new products equipped with XLINE nozzles.


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