Krautzberger Spritztechnik für Kantenanleimmaschinen

Spray Technology for Edge Banding Machines

Brief description

The Mikro3 is pneumatically controlled and features an integrated preliminary air control which provides an immediate atomization as well as dripless closing. The control is triggered by a mechanical or electromechanical 3/2 way valve.

Field of application/ Mode of operation

The Krautzberger spray technology is utilized for two areas involving the processing of workpieces in the furniture industry. Prior to the edge banding, the workpiece is treated with a special separating agent, which is applied to the top and bottom surfaces of the workpiece to prevent the glue from sticking to it. The Mikro 3 with fine jet extension precisely applies a very thin layer of the separating agent onto the workpiece and thereby minimizes any subsequent touch-up work. The adhesion of the edge clue and dirt accumulation as well as any stickiness on the workpiece are thereby prevented. The surfaces are clean and dry to handle and can be prepared for further processing. As a result of the significantly reduced material consumption, it was possible to significantly lower the material costs in customer applications.

Furthermore the Mikro 3 equipped with a special nozzle can be used to coat an form release agent onto the pressing rollers.This prevents the adhesion of the glue to the pressing rollers. During the next production process steps, the separating agent is also picked up by the sliding blocks. As an added benefit, this prevents residual glue from sticking to the pressing rollers and the sliding blocks. Time-consuming cleaning is therefore no longer necessary.


The fluid is supplied via a ring line with membrane pumps or for small quantities via a pressurized container.


The Mikro3 can easily be retro-fitted into existing machines. On demand the spray guns can be connected to the electronic intelligence of the edge banding machine via electropneumatic magnet valve.

Well-known manufacturers in the furniture industry are already working successfully with the Krautzberger spray technology.

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