The KRWS is used for coating processes carried out by a robot with differently equipped spray guns of the model RWA1 for smallest to large-scale serial productions. The change system supports easy media changes and the application of paint utilizing a broad range of different jet geometries and extensions from the Krautzberger series.

The material supply for the RWA1 machines can be provided for smallest quantities through containers that are attached to the machine, externally positioned pressure containers or pumps of the Krautzberger series. A circulation design is possible for an external supply.

The individual spay guns are positioned in the change/storage station in the respective storage compartments so that the coating robot can couple precisely with the machine that is needed for the spray coating process as specified by the running program.

The broad range of nozzles and needles as well as customized extensions from the Krautzberger series are of course also available for this system.

The material supply is based on the application requirements and can be provided via cartridges or via a machine-mountable container for very small volume jobs as well as via containers or pumps.


  • Standardized system.
  • Robot change machines with different equipment possible.
  • Also suitable for smallest serial productions.
  • Cartridge installs directly onto the machine, thus suitable for smallest
  • amounts of paint
  • Cost minimization
  • Multiple media changes possible with one robot
  • Gentle on resources
  • Complex work pieces can be completely coated


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