Pumpenhubgeräte, stationär

Krautzberger lifting devices optimize the processes in your company through practice-focused functionality, designed for commercial applications as well as for skilled crafts and trades.

Krautzberger lifting devices combine state-of-the-art safety aspects, standards, and guidelines with modern user-friendly design and the renowned Krautzberger quality. Lifting devices facilitate the change of material containers and thereby significantly reduce conversion times.

In many cases, installations include a pump, agitator, fill level sensors, and potentially controllers or feedback pressure controllers, if a material feedback loop is required.

These attachments can very quickly reach a weight that is difficult to handle for the worker.

The lifting device that is to be bolted to the floor at the customer’s facility is situated on a rigid frame that can be supplied in different lifting heights. It features a carrier that can be moved up or down along an X-axis by way of a pneumatic system in order to carry out the material container change.

Container monitoring can be provided by integrating an existing system control or through optical detectors.

The Krautzberger lifting device can be configured with many alternative options to meet the requirements of different practical applications.

The product offering also covers optional collecting pans available in various designs.

Three lifting heights are offered as standard options. Of course the KHE is also available in Atex.

Please contact our in-house sales department or outside sales team for any additional information.

KHE Krautzberger lifting device

Item no.: 200-0351

KHE Krautzberger lifting device ATEX

Item no.: 200-0352

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