Erfinder der Spritzpistole nach erfolgreicher Sanierung wieder auf Wachstumskurs

Eltville/Wiesbaden, 25.10.2012. After completion of successful restructuring, the well established Krautzberger GmbH in Eltville is back on track for growth. As a result, the crisis entered by the global specialist for surface treatment technology at the beginning of 2009, which threatened the existence of the company, has been overcome. Krautzberger is a good example of a company that recognised and seized the opportunities for a fresh start during the crisis. The restructuring was made possible in line with a strictly implemented insolvency plan, which was developed by insolvency administrator Dr. JĂĽrgen Blersch, solicitor from Wiesbdaden, and negotiated with the creditors involved. Within a short period of 17 months, restructuring expert Blersch was able to successfully implement the restructuring plan with the major support of management.


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Vous souhaitez améliorer vos applications sur le plan technique, modifier les propriétés de vos surfaces sur le plan fonctionnel ou décoratif et optimiser vos processus ? Nous vous aidons avec des produits Krautzberger, d'une qualité incomparable, des systèmes complets d'excellence et le développement de solutions individuelles pour votre entreprise.


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