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Duo H

The Krautzberger Duo system can be seen as a further development of the airless system. A well-balanced combination of the airless technique and compressed air produces an optimum homogeneous spray jet offering a wide range of advantages for many applications. As with airless spray guns, atomisation is achieved without air using a special nozzle.

The spray jet is enriched with additional compressed air fed through boreholes which are specially adapted to suit the properties of the material nozzle. This ensures an extremely soft jet.

A far lower operating pressure can be used compared to the pressure required for airless spraying, and gun and pump wear is reduced to a minimum. The low ?bounce back? and the soft jet permit coating of ?problem parts?. In combination with Krautzberger piston pumps and the wide selection of nozzles, the Duo H spray gun can be used to achieve optimum results.

Other versions:
Duo H circulation connection

Nozzle selection:
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  • Duo H Hornluft
  • Duo H Schlitzluft
  • Duo H
  • Duo H large

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