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Spraying walls, water-washed


This systems are particularly suitable for processing big workpieces. The absence of roof and side walls ensures maximum efficacy of use in the minimum of space.

The spraying walls are especially suitable for use in combination with suspended conveying systems.


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Working width (AB)2000 mm2500 mm4000 mm3000 mm3500 mm
Total width (B)2200 mm2700 mm4200 mm3200 mm3700 mm
Waste air volume flow9000 m³/h10200 m³/h14100 m³/h12000 m³/h13300 m³/h
Pump output1.1 kW1.1 kW1.1 kW1.1 kW1.1 kW
Pump capacity30 m³/h30 m³/h30 m³/h30 m³/h30 m³/h
Water tank capacity1.32 m³1.6 m³2.5 m³1.9 m³2.2 m³
Illumination (ex)2x 36 W2x 58 W2x 58 W2x 58 W2x 58 W
Weight without Wasser approx.700 kg800 kg1100 kg900 kg1000 kg

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