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Radial fans



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Chapter 7: Ventilation technology Catalog extract
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Housing positionrightrightrightleftleftleft
ø450 mm710 mm400 mm500 mm315 mm355 mm
A220 mm507 mm220 mm404 mm250 mm220 mm
B315 mm898 mm315 mm507 mm315 mm315 mm
C330 mm560 mm330 mm436 mm294 mm330 mm
D470 mm870 mm470 mm614 mm440 mm470 mm
E270 mm702 mm270 mm365 mm262 mm270 mm
f395 mm700 mm395 mm500 mm343 mm395 mm
g280 mm700 mm280 mm464 mm315 mm280 mm
H805 mm1430 mm805 mm1100 mm748 mm805 mm
i676 mm1402 mm676 mm960 mm636 mm676 mm
j623 mm1086 mm623 mm800 mm525 mm623 mm
Housing positionleftrightleftleftrightright
ø450 mm355 mm400 mm560 mm560 mm355 mm
A220 mm280 mm280 mm404 mm404 mm220 mm
B315 mm400 mm450 mm715 mm715 mm315 mm
C330 mm330 mm342 mm450 mm450 mm330 mm
D470 mm490 mm516 mm694 mm694 mm470 mm
E270 mm300 mm300 mm592 mm592 mm270 mm
f395 mm385 mm410 mm554 mm554 mm395 mm
g280 mm345 mm345 mm553 mm553 mm280 mm
H805 mm833 mm871 mm1144 mm1144 mm805 mm
i676 mm713 mm739 mm1146 mm1146 mm676 mm
j623 mm555595 mm798 mm798 mm623 mm
Housing positionleftleftrightrightleftleft
ø710 mm500 mm500 mm400 mm400 mm630 mm
A507 mm315 mm315 mm280 mm220 mm453 mm
B898 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm315 mm801 mm
C560 mm380 mm380 mm342 mm330 mm500 mm
D870 mm570 mm570 mm516 mm470 mm776 mm
E702 mm332 mm332 mm300 mm270 mm642 mm
f700 mm453 mm453 mm410 mm395 mm622 mm
g700 mm380 mm380 mm345 mm280 mm628 mm
H1430 mm964 mm964 mm871 mm805 mm1276 mm
i1402 mm824 mm824 mm739 mm676 mm1264 mm
j1086 mm655 mm655 mm595 mm623 mm920 mm
Housing positionrightleftrightright
ø630 mm355 mm500 mm315 mm
A453 mm280 mm404 mm250 mm
B801 mm400 mm507 mm315 mm
C500 mm330 mm436 mm294 mm
D776 mm490 mm614 mm440 mm
E642 mm300 mm365 mm262 mm
f622 mm385 mm500 mm343 mm
g628 mm345 mm464 mm315 mm
H1276 mm833 mm1100 mm748 mm
i1264 mm713 mm960 mm636 mm
j920 mm555 mm800 mm525 mm

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