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Drying cabinet


The recirculation drying cabinets are designed for various temperature ranges (80°C, 150°C and 250°C) and can be heated using electricity or gas. The different sizes and a range of control and regulating modules as well as the various accessories make the dryers suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. The side, top and bottom elements are thermally insulated. The base is equipped with guide rails for the workpiece trolley(s), and these can be dimensioned to suit customer requirements. The single- or double-doors are equipped with safety closures.

The two blind-type walls with adjustable separating and guide plates are fitted at the sides. The drying parameters can be set on an electrical control cabinet; this cabinet is also responsible for automatic control of the drying process.

The waste air connection is fitted with a manual actuation flap. The fresh air volume is adjustable. Depending on size and local conditions, the drying cabinet is either delivered in pre-assembled state or supplied as several parts.


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