Customized Service

The experienced staff of our technical team will gladly work with you to develop precisely tailored systems for your particular application needs.

Spray procedure

Compressed-air atomisation

  • Conventional spray procedure
  • Most common procedure
  • Suitable for small and large parts
  • High-quality and micro-spray application

Airless atomisation

  • System without compressed-air atomisation
  • No compressed air is required for material atomisation 
  • Atomisation is influenced through the geometry of the jet and the material pressure
  • Suitable for large quantities and surfaces

HVLP atomisation

  • HVLP system - high air volume at low atomisation pressure
  • Suitable for small and large parts
  • Low spray mist system
  • Suitable for function coating - material savings

Duo atomisation

  • Mixed procedure of airless and compressed-air processes
  • Large areas and fine material application
  • Micro atomisation in peripheral zones
  • Atomisation procedures such as the Airless System achieve softer peripheral atomisation by using added atomisation air

Steam atomisation

  • Innovative spray procedures
  • Water vapour as an atomiser medium
  • Especially fine material atomisation
  • Gentle material application
  • Extremely high application efficiency
  • Suitable for water-based spray materials