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MP 520


The membrane pump MP 520 is a compressed air operated two-membrane pump. The pump consists of the membrane housing, the compressed air control, material intake and material pressure connections and the air regulator.

Field of application

The main field of application are the painting and coating sectors. The pump is used for delivering liquid and low-viscosity materials from storage tanks. It has been designed especially for supplying material to spraying apparatuses, automatic spray guns, metering devices and the like. The pump can deliver a large number of materials, ranging from water-based paints to glazes, sizes and adhesives.


  • Smooth surfaces of the material-carrying parts
  • Flow-favouring design, dead-space-reduced material housing, easy to flush
  • Low pulsation in connection with pressure relief tanks
  • Housing made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Simple handling

Mode of operation

The air regulator allows the desired pressure to be set continuously at the removal point. When the set material pressure is reached, the pump is switched off automatically. The material pressure is maintained until material is removed at the removal point. The pump is switched on automatically and keeps the set material pressure constant.


The pump is being offered in various designs. The membranes are available in the materials NBR and NBR-PTFE. The valve balls can be made of hard metal, polyurethane or stainless steel. Valve seats are available in hard metal or stainless steel. Optionally, the material-carrying parts, including those for adhesive media, can be coated with a nickel-bonded PTFE layer.


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Technical data

Operating pressures
Pressure capacity max. 8 bar
Air inlet pressure min. 4 bar
Air inlet pressure max. 8 bar
Ratio of transmission 1:1
Recommended number of strokes (double strokes) 100 double stroke/min
Compressed air supply unoiled, filtered
Compressed air connection G3/4" IG
Compressed air connection hose NW 8/9 mm
Weight 8 kg
Pump capacity (relative to water) 15 l/min

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