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Pressureless containers, 25-500 litres


Material feed containers
25-500 litres, galvanised

Krautzberger material feed containers are ideal for use when feed from small gravity or suction cups is too complicated, when feed from the original containers is not possible, or when the coatings to be sprayed require constant stirring. Galvanised sheet steel containers with effective capacities from 25 litres to 500 litres are available for this purpose.

Special sizes available on request. The containers are fitted with a screw-fixed cover on which pumps, stirrers, filling level monitoring systems etc. can be mounted. Filling is generally effected via a third-part open-ing in the cover. The container is drained via a mounted drain with shutoff tap.


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Capacity200 l350 l300 l400 l30 l150 l
VersionSheet steel, galvanisedSheet steel, galvanisedStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
D635 mm750 mm700 mm793 mm400 mm635 mm
D1675 mm790 mm740 mm833 mm440 mm675 mm
H813 mm963 mm963 mm963 mm403 mm663 mm
Capacity30 l450 l300 l25 l200 l100 l
VersionSheet steel, galvanisedStainless steelSheet steel, galvanisedSheet steel, galvanisedStainless steelSheet steel, galvanised
D400 mm793 mm700 mm400 mm635 mm500 mm
D1440 mm833 mm740 mm440 mm675 mm540 mm
H403 mm1063 mm963 mm363 mm813 mm663 mm
Capacity250 l500 l150 l500 l450 l50 l
VersionStainless steelSheet steel, galvanisedSheet steel, galvanisedStainless steelSheet steel, galvanisedSheet steel, galvanised
D700 mm850 mm635 mm850 mm793 mm400 mm
D1740 mm890 mm675 mm890 mm833 mm440 mm
H813 mm1063 mm663 mm1063 mm1063 mm563 mm
Capacity400 l350 l25 l100 l250 l50 l
VersionSheet steel, galvanisedStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelSheet steel, galvanisedStainless steel
D793 mm750 mm400 mm500 mm700 mm400 mm
D1833 mm790 mm440 mm540 mm740 mm440 mm
H963 mm963 mm363 mm663 mm813 mm563 mm

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