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Steam Technology


The unique steam spray procedure developed by Krautzberger offers significant potential for improved energy and resource efficiencies as well as a reduction of run times in the production line. It is a future-oriented procedure with clear cost advantages. At the same time, technological principles of spray gun technology (spray gun) are upheld. 
The system essentially consists of a steam generator, material supply and the DA3 spray gun.
The steam generator is available in different configurations. If a pure water supply is not available, water softening will be necessary. Fully automated water treatment minimizes the maintenance expense. Conventionally, a pump or pressure container is used for the material supply.
Gentle application - less material consumption
The material is atomised with the help of the vapour as it exits the nozzle. The physical properties of the overheated water vapour ensure a homogenous and gentle coating with extremely low bounce back effect.  This supports an extremely high application level, resulting in minimal overspray.
Higher gloss factor
The particularly fine atomisation leads to a higher gloss factor.
Significant reduction of overall air consumption
The steam spray procedure generated by compressors with soft steam replaces the conventional spray air. The compressed air is only used to convey the spray material via a pump or pressurized container.
Shorter drying and run times
The steam spray procedure results in a significant reduction of drying time due to the fine atomisation with less residual moisture. This reduces the waiting periods prior to the drying and burning process and minimizes space requirements.
Improved quality of work
Lower jet pressure leads to a noise emission reduction. In addition, the reduced paint mist minimizes the impact on the worker as well as cleaning and maintenance costs.


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