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Coating robot GA 25


Areas of application

The robot is designed for coating wood,plastic, metal, glass and ceramic.

Mode of operation

With painting and coating industries in mind, this articulated robot uses specific kinematics and software to produce extremely effective results. 

In addition to the six main axes, three interpolated axes control a wide range of motions, making challenging details more accessible.

Optionally, the device is Atmosphere Explosible (ATEX) compliant, and can therefore be used in conjunction with solvents.

The programming method operates on a self-teaching basis, where the worker first carries out the desired spray cycle by guiding the robotic arm. The motion sequence is then saved and can be repeated independently at a higher working speed. Prior experience is not necessary to facilitate this operation.

Traditional point-to-point programming is also possible, however, as well as offline programming based on CAD data. Nine hundred coating programs can be saved and recalled as required. 

Furthermore, the robot is suitable for connecting to a floor or ceiling conveyor, and other feeding devices.

Technical data

Number of axes: 6
Working radius: 2465 mm
Weight: 550 kg
Nominal load at the wrist: 6 kg

Special features

•               Self-teaching process

•               Ex-protection option
                (ATEX version)

•               Also suitable for small series

•               No PC knowledge required


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