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Mignon 3


The Mignon 3 is a high-performance all-round spray gun meeting the highest standards. The ergonomically shaped handle is made of a lightweight, solvent-resistant plastic. The main element is made of surface-finished, forged aluminium.

One of the special features of the Mignon 3 is the detachable head section of the gun. This section is made of aluminium and is also available in stainless steel design on request. This version is designed for use with water borne paints.

Material volume regulation via the needle stroke adjuster with lock nut permits fine, stepless adjustment. The separate stepless flat jet regulator is mounted on the rear of the pistol and therefore ideal for use by both right-handed and left-handed operators.

The material nozzle system is made of stainless steel. The generously dimensioned air ducts ensure improved air distribution and optimum spraying characteristics.

Parts in contact with the coating substance

The parts of the spray gun that come into contact with the coating material are made of aluminium or stainless steel (head section) and stainless steel (material needle and nozzle) as well as brass and plastic (gaskets); the gravity cups are made of aluminium, copper or plastic.

Special accessories

Nozzle extensions: these are particularly suitable for use when coating cavities (e.g. pipes, canisters, tins or other containers).


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Spray gun Mignon 3 User manual
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Technical data

Operating pressures / Operating temperature
Max. material pressure0.4 MPa (4 bar)
Max. material temperature (8 hrs contin. duty)43 °C
Max. atomiser air pressure0.6 MPa (6 bar)
Max. air temperature43 °C
Flow connection
Atomiser air
without material cupapprox. 350 g
Noise emission
Contin. sound pressure level (nozzle dependent)73-96 dB (A)

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