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The Dekor airbrush is specifically designed for precision spraying work and is therefore also ideal for retouching, colouring, stencilling, technical illustrations and decorative painting in the ceramics and toy industry.

Depending on requirements, the Dekor model is available with two different material feed systems (suction cup or gravity cup). The relatively large suction cup is suitable for spraying larger surfaces. It is mounted on the side of the gun and can therefore be changed easily and rapidly. When performing precision painting work, however, the size of the suction cup can prove to be a hindrance. The gravity cap (screwed onto the top of the gun) is smaller and ensures easier handling.

The Dekor model has a single action trigger-lever function that regulates the air and material volumes in a fixed ratio. It is, however, also possible to adjust material feed by turning the stop screw.

During production, the Dekor is subject to stringent quality control procedures. Each part is precision-tested to ensure a finely distributed, uniform spray profile. The most important factors in this respect include the properties of the needle point and the nozzle opening. As the nozzle tip often measures only a few hundredths of a millimetre, checks are carried out using a microscope.


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Technical data

Operating temperature0-50 °C
Admission pressure1-2 bar
Pore width of sintered filter50 µm
Residual oil content0.01 mg/m³

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