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New product line at Krautzberger!

Krautzberger starting the year 2022 with a new product. We are presenting our new generation of XLINE material pressure regulators. The new Krautzberger FPR 2 and FPR 6 material pressure regulators are designed to deliver precise and accurate regulation of the...

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Automatic Spray Gun MC 1

Automatic Spray Gun MC 1 The MC 1 is a new development for use in continuous spray processes on continuous line systems. The material quantity is not dosed by a needle in the material nozzle, but only via the material supply which is why there are no bottlenecks in...

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Der Niederdruck-Handspritzapparat HS 30

Das Design der HS 30 wurde überarbeitet, sodaß der Apparat von folgenden Vorteile des  XLINE-Luftdüsensystems profitiert: Optimierung der Luftdüse mit Hilfe numerischer Strömungssimulation Materialumstellung auf Alu eloxiert, auf Wunsch in Edelstahl erhältlich...

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