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TFP 1 release agent pistol


The Krautzberger release agent pistol TFP 1 is designed for the fine atomisation of release agents but is also suitable for a wide range of other media.

The long gun handle makes it easier to coat workpieces with high backcuts and deep recesses, and the long trigger ensures ergonomically optimised and fatigue-free operation. A model with short handle is also available on request.

Air and material feed is via the Krautzberger hose-in-hose system. In this system, the material hose is routed to the gun through an air hose. A special adapter is used for connection purposes. The ends of the hose are fitted with anti-kink springs to increase work safety.

Material nozzle and material needle are made of stainless steel as standard.

The gun can be connected to all low-pressure material supply systems.

Use in combination with the Krautzberger diaphragm pumps and material feed containers produces optimum results.

Parts in contact with the coating substance
The parts of the release agent gun that come into contact with the coating material are made of aluminium (main element) and stainless steel (material needle and nozzle) as well as brass and plastic.


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Spray gun TFP 1 User manual
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Technical data

Operating pressures / Operating temperature
Max. material pressure0.6 MPa (6 bar)
Max. material temperature (8 hrs contin. duty)43 °C
Max. atomiser air pressure1.2 MPa (12 bar)
Max. air temperature43 °C
Atomiser air
without twin hoseapprox. 270 g
Noise emission
Contin. sound pressure level (nozzle dependent)73-96 dB (A)
Material and sizes of available accessories
Material nozzles and needles
Air nozzle
Nozzle sizes0.2 mm
Other nozzles

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