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XLINE air nozzle


Optimisation via numerical flow simulation 
  • Further improved transfer rates through the optimisation of interior geometry 
  • Reduced soiling due to new exterior design
Automated 100% control integrated in production process
  • Zero defect strategy for continuos quality improvement 
  • Improved reproducibility of the spray pattern
Functional improvement of the air 
  • Optimal centring of the fluid nozzle and the air nozzle through a spherical system
  • Improved separation of flat and round jet air
Standard finishing in anodised 
  • Significant weight reduction (up to 60%)
  • Easier cleaning
  • For higher requirements also available in stainless steel, e.g. for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry
Improved handling and simple nozzle adjustment
  • Trapezoid threads enable insertion and tightening in one step
  • Simple and exact positioning and fixation of the air nozzle
Colour-coded identification of the spray procedures
  • BLUE - conventional compressed air
  • DARK GREEN - HVLP procedure
  • LIGHT GREEN - LVLP procedure


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