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A 11


The high-performance automatic spray gun A 11 essentially consists of two parts: the control section and the fluid head section.

The standard hard-coated head section is also available in stainless steel and can be removed from the control section by unscrewing just one screw.

The control system is activated by a 3/2-way valve. When switching on, the compressed air-driven control piston first opens the spray air valve and then ? a short time later ? the material nozzle of the gun. During switch-off, the material nozzle is closed, and then the spray air valve. This control procedure ensures faster working and prevents material nozzle drip.

The practical design of the A 11 makes it extremely repair-friendly and facilitates low maintenance and cleaning. The compact design and the low weight permit use of the A 11 under even the most unfavourable mounting conditions (e.g. in spraying machines and spraying robots).

There are various options for material feed. Guns are available with a range of material connection hose nozzles as well as circulation connections. There is also a wide selection of nozzles and needles of different sizes. The spray gun can of course also be used in combination with our material feed containers, diaphragm pumps and regulators.


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Spray gun A 11 User manual
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Technical data

Operating pressures / Operating temperature
Max. material pressure1.2 MPa (12 bar)
Max. material temperature100 °C
Max. atomiser air pressure0.8 MPa (8 bar)
Min. control air pressure0.4 MPa (4 bar)
Max. control air pressure0.8 MPa (8 bar)
Max. air temperature50 °C
Material (M)
Atomiser air (Z)
empfohlene kleinste lichte Weite bei max. 4m Leitungslänge4 mm
Control air (St)
Aluminium version750 g
Stainless steel version960 g
Noise emission
Contin. sound pressure leveldepends on nozzle 73-96 dB (A)

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