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Hot wax spray gun


The proven high-performance spray gun HS 25 has been equipped with a heatable cup and a heatable air cap for spraying heated media.

The temperature can be steplessly adjusted up to 80°C. A special automatic feature prevents material overheating. The excellent heat conductivity of the gun element ensures evenly distributed heating of the atomiser air.

The gun has all the functions of the high-performance spray gun HS 25.

The Krautzberger hot wax gun is not suitable for use with materials containing solvents.

The hot wax spraying unit consists of the handheld spray gun HS 25 (conventional or HVLP version), a control unit with temperature adjuster, a heatable nozzle head and cup, and a hose package.


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Technical data

Voltage230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Heating40 V DC
Weightapprox. 350 g
Nozzle sizes0.2-2.5 mm
Special sizes on request

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