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Material pressure regulator MDR-35B


The MDR-35B is a pneumatically activated material pressure regulator for setting constant pressures in pressurized media. In contrast to other pneumatic regulators, this regulator is adjustable.

Field of application
The main fields of application are delivery and recirculating systems for coating materials. It is also ideal for quickly adhering media. Typical pressure generators are pumps or pressurized tanks. Typical consumers are spraying apparatuses or automatic spray guns.

Adjustable pneumatic regulator
Easy-to-flush, dead-space-reduced design
Block design without screw joints
Module regulator unit can be assembled individually
Reduced cleaning measures
Recycling-friendly modular design

Mode of operation
During the setup stage - zero point adjustment - the amount is gauged in litres through the corresponding nozzle at the spray gun in accordance with the set control signal (control pressure). This will compensate production tolerances in the components and the spring or disturbance variables such as different line lengths and cross-sections. The MDR-35B can be adapted to different nozzles without changing the PLC software. This guarantees a constant material flow.

The regulator has been designed devoid of dead space and easy to flush. This reduces unnecessary and expensive cleaning procedures.

For several consumers, the required regulators can be mounted to the regulator block without any screw joints. An individual regulator in the block can be replaced quickly and easily. Complete dismounting is no longer necessary. The regulator housing is made of stainless steel or alternatively of aluminium, while the valve seat is made of stainless steel or hard metal. The membrane consists of polyamide.

In accordance with Krautzberger's environmental aspects, the MDR-35B has been constructed and assembled using recyclable materials.


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Technical data

Operating pressures
Control range0-7 bar
Air inlet pressuremax. 8 bar
Material inlet pressuremax. 8 bar
Material inlet1/4
Material outlet
Weightapprox. 210-250 g
Operating temperature
Operating temperaturemax. 80 °C

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