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KAA 1300 Autómata proyector de material


The Krautzberger automatic spray gun KAA 1300 is designed for automatic coating of surfaces such as metal, plastic, ceramics, wood and similar materials as well as other substrates. Typical coating materials include paints, dyes, water-soluble paints, adhesives, oils, release agents etc. The KAA 1300 gun can also be used to process abrasive coating materials at operating pressures below 5 MPa (50 bar). The spray gun works on the airless? principle ? in other words, the spray jet is generated solely by the material pressure that ejects the material through a nozzle. After exiting the nozzle, the spray jet takes on the shape dictated by the nozzle. The jet is directed at the workpiece, and the effective spray fan is not quite as wide as theoretically possible.

The particles of the spray jet reach far higher speeds than with spray guns driven by compressed air. Accordingly, the material throughput is higher and the jet more focused (in other words, the swirling zone is smaller). The size and shape of the jet can only be altered by changing the nozzle. The diameter of the nozzle bore determines the material flow volume, while the size and geometry of the elliptically shaped nozzle opening determine the height and width of the fan (shape of an elliptical cone).

The nozzle can be rotated through by 360° in the axis of the spray jet and arrested in any position. This permits optimum adjustment of the angle at which the jet hits the workpiece to the prevailing conditions.

A wide range of airless nozzles are available (see accessories).


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Datos técnicos

Presiones de trabajo / temperatura de trabajo
Presión máx. de material10 MPa (100 bar)
Temperatura máx. del material50 °C
Presión mínima del aire de ajuste0.4 MPa (4 bar)
Temperatura máx. del aire de ajuste50 °C
Aire de ajuste (St)
Sin componentes suplementariosaprox. 300 g

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