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M 14 HV3


The automatic spray gun M 14 HV3 is a further development of the M 10 HVLP model.

The M 14 HV3 spray gun is of extremely compact design and therefore suitable for use where standard automatic spray guns cannot be used due to their design and size. Thanks to the generously dimensioned passageways, the M 14 HV3 can be used for a range of applications. It is, for example, particularly suitable for installation in semi-automatic or fully automatic systems where several spray guns have to be mounted in an extremely small space. The gun can be used for marking small components as well as for coating surfaces.

The spray gun is pneumatically controlled and is fitted with an internal preliminary air control. The control system is activated by a mechanical or electromechanical 3/2-way valve. When switching on, the compressed air-driven control piston first opens the atomising air valve and afterwords the material nozzle of the gun. During switch-off, the material nozzle is closed, and then the atomising air valve. This control procedure ensures faster working and prevents material nozzle drip.

The control section of the gun is made of anodised aluminium and can be unscrewed from the spray gun, ensuring easy access to the needle guide.

The fluid head section and intermediate piece of the M 14 HV3 are made of stainless steel and are also available in anodised aluminium on request.

The material gaskets are easily accessible in the detachable head section. The intermediate piece is fitted with a material connection nipple 1/8? AG as standard. There is also a second connection on the opposite side, but this connection is closed by a sealing screw ex works. This screw can be replaced by an additional material connection nipple, permitting fast and easy conversion of the M 14 HV3 to material circulation.

The M 14 HV3 is fitted with a flat jet and a circular jet regulator.

The connections for spraying air (PK 6) and control air (PK 3) are fitted with plug-in couplings as standard.

Further connection options are available on request.


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Spray gun M 14 User manual
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PDF 4.91 MB Download
Spray gun M 14 HV3 User manual
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Technical data

Operating pressures / Operating temperature
Max. material pressure1.2 MPa (12 bar)
Max. material temperature100 °C
Max. atomiser air pressure0.8 MPa (8 bar)
Min. control air pressure0.4 MPa (4 bar)
Max. control air pressure0.8 MPa (8 bar)
Max. air temperature50 °C
Material (M)
Atomiser air (Z)
Control air (St)
without add-on parts380 g
Noise emission
Contin. sound pressure level73-96 dB (A)

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