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A 20


The spray gun A 20 complements the automatic spray gun product range.

Thanks to the quick-change adapter system, the device can be changed within seconds and thanks to the adapter the settings of the spray parameters remain active in the system. The air parameters can only be changed with the tool, an unintended change is therefore not possible.
All settings, closing piece, air controller and air nozzle fixing are designed for a fast and simple setting and fixation through the user.
The innovative aluminium oxide polymer composite coating of the surfaces make the device and the adapter particularly robust and easy to care for, also available in stainless steel.
A new needle connection facilitates the precise and wear-resistant installation of the needle.
The processing of high-quality surfaces made of wood, metal or plastic is a speciality of the A 20. The machine is ideally suited for coating production lines and systems.
Mode of operation
Automatic spray gun is available with the conventional compressed air atomisation as well as with the HVLP option.
Optimised and user-friendly details of the device such as robust, easy to care for surface, air nozzle fixing, which enables the precise setting of the nozzle in 45° intervals, as well as the quick-change adapter make it significantly easier for the user and allow a significant increase of the machine runtime.
A large variety of air caps (nozzles) that are optimally designed for the surface quality of the different coating materials allows for an optimal coordination of the spray pattern to the respective workpiece.


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Spray Gun A 20 Product guide
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Spray Gun A 20_XLINE Product guide, Other documents
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Spray gun A 20 User manual
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